Tricia has been facilitating personal growth in small groups for more than 18 years. She also trains YPO forum moderators and forum members on fundamental and advanced small group dynamics and leadership.

Her work focuses on the training and facilitation of forums. She enjoys launching new forums and boosting the quality experience of existing forums by providing training and experiential learning that deepens the conversation and increases the health and performance of forums.

Tricia Gast has been a YPO Certified Forum Facilitator since 2007. She is a spouse in the YPO Gold Colorado Chapter and has been active in YPO since 1995, working with members, spouses, and YNG members. Tricia brings a unique perspective as a YPO spouse to trainings at retreats and chapter events, and has extensive experience in working with spouses. She has also been working with the YNG group nationally for five years.

Your YPO Forum

YPO Members

Tricia offers a fresh perspective that helps reduce the blind spots of CEOs while removing limiting habits that affect their personal and professional lives. She creates safe places that are conducive to candid and transformational conversations among members that lead to productive changes in their lives outside of forum.

YPO Spouses

As the spouse of a YPOer, Tricia brings a first-hand understanding to the challenges and opportunities that come with being married to a high-performing executive or entrepreneur. Tricia provides practical insight and facilitates honest conversations that identify and work on the unique dilemmas and blind spots of the spouse of a YPO member.



Tricia has extensive experience training and mentoring YNGers. She brings an inviting and supportive energy that affirms the unique challenges of these emerging leaders. Her style encourages young participants be vulnerable and honest and to take reasonable risks and be challenged in their education, relationships, and career.

Forum Trainings

YPO Training

These programs are available at both the chapter level and forum level. Tricia’s trainings are ideal for chapters and forums looking to take their group to the next level. These offerings will fortify your forum and recharge your chapter to increase attendance at forum and chapter events and strengthen connections among group members. Trainings include:

Forum Fundamentals

This foundational training provides both a learning opportunity and hands-on experience of the YPO Forum. Each forum member learns the guidelines, norms, protocols, and meeting structures that help Forums provide high value. The programs can be offered at the chapter level for anyone interested in potentially joining a forum.

Forum Moderator and Leadership Development

The success of a forum is significantly influenced by the peer leadership skills of its moderator and assistant moderator. This training helps you develop skills to moderate, facilitate and adopt YPO Best Practices for a highly functional forum.

Transformational Forum Training

YPO’s cutting edge training is Transformational Forum. It is a one-and-a-half-day session that brings cutting edge best practices to your forum. This is for YPO members wanting to bring their forum to more meaningful and honest conversations and who have been together for at least two years. The ability to draw on emotions, vulnerability and self-curiosity is vital to increasing the effectiveness of each individual’s leadership, interpersonal dynamics and personal transformation.


YPO Retreat

High-performing forums take multi-day retreats with a Certified Forum Facilitator each year. Retreats renew, revitalize and re-align members as well as offer a chance for deeper connections and progress toward personal and professional goals. Facilitated retreats are customized to meet the current needs of the forum and its members. They provide safe spaces for growth and have a lasting impact long after they are over. Retreats are an excellent opportunity for the forum to build a more intimate bond that will help the group reach deeper levels during regular meetings.

Tricia devotes the necessary time to study and understand the forum prior to the retreat. She uses this data to design retreat exercises that reflect the growth stage and health of the forum and address specific patterns that are limiting forum member value. Tricia facilitates discussions, designs experiences, and offers teachings on issues that forum members are facing, bringing expertise and experience into the process, as appropriate. Common themes include: being married to a YPO member; understanding the mind-body connection, balancing family, profession and self; navigating difficult conversations; improving relationships with your spouse, parents and children; and feminine power, nourishment and self-care.

Retreat options include:

  • Forum Launch Retreat
  • Forum SuperCharge Retreat
  • MindScape
  • Enneagram
  • Holistic Health
  • Customized Retreats

Retreats offered include:

Forum Launch Retreat

Start your forum off on the right food. This experiential retreat includes self-exploration and bonding exercises, and allows the members to learn together how to have a strong forum with deep, insightful meetings—with every member getting value from every meeting.

Forum SuperCharge Retreat

This is a fine-tuned one-day retreat that utilizes the results of a Forum Health Survey, a moderator interview, and the goals of the forum to bring a customized day of exercises and experiences that will take your forum to a higher level of effectiveness.


MindScape is a one-and-a-half-day training format that is unique to YPO. Let your forum discover the science and experience of changing your subconscious belief systems. Members have more conscious access to their intuition, creativity and holistic problem solving as a result of attending this workshop.


All over the world, people strive to understand how we can be our best selves—in our relationships and in our lives. Discover the Enneagram, a powerful tool for self-awareness, understanding and growth. Interrupt the old, unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs of your personality. See the motives for why you do what you do and the “warning signs” of behaviors that negatively impact your relationships and your own well-being. Learn your Enneagram type and discover your strengths and areas of challenge in your life, work, relationships, and parenting.

Holistic Health

This is a one-day training session that you can customize to your forums’ needs and interests for these four areas of focus:

Mindfulness — Discover techniques to lower stress and be more present in your life

MindBody Learn about the MindBody connection—the complex intersection of the mind, body and emotions—and how this intersection conspires to create our posture, beliefs and emotional and physical holding patterns.

  • How the MindBody manifests belief systems and emotions
  • Deciphering physical symptoms and their mental/emotional causes

BodyTalk — Energy medicine is explained and experienced through individual sessions for each member within the group and teaching about how the body and mind are intertwined. Members should be willing to have their sessions done in front of the group. A health survey by each member is completed prior to the retreat.

Intuition Introduction — Use your intuitive skills to increase your intuition in your daily life.

Customized Retreats

Customized retreats achieve your forum’s specific goals and are an effective way to take your forum to the next level. Retreats provide safe spaces for growth and have a lasting impact long after they are over. A customized retreat focuses on all areas of growth, as well as identifying the fears and blind spots that may be limiting this growth or holding back true potential.

Our Happy Clients

I was impressed by her knowledge, preparation and abilities. It was time well spent and I would expect to use her as a resource within YPO or outside.

YPO Forum

Tricia was wonderful. She kept us on track. Explained what we were there to learn and do and di it all in a casual, light way without diminishing the import and impact.

YPO Spouse Retreat

Tricia helped us reevaluate our methods, provided us with a lot of resources and gave color to things we were doing well and not so well in our current forum.

YNG Forum

Tricia is fabulous and makes everyone feel comfortable. She explains things well and is great bringing everyone together.

YPO Spouse Forum
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Tricia is amazing.

YPO is fortunate to have such a great resource.
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