Through the years I have had the opportunity to travel to other parts of the world. Seeing the way people from other cultures do things always helps me question the customs, beliefs and routines of my own way of life.

Last fall, I was in Italy for my 26th wedding anniversary trip. We spent time along the shoreline and on the beach. I was struck by how many women were wearing bikinis. Women of all shapes and sizes and ages. I don’t pretend to know the Italian culture’s message around body image, but the scene’s impact on me felt clear: it felt liberating. I was given the opportunity to look at my own limiting ideas of what is socially acceptable. I considered what individual belief systems are liberated when one wears a different outfit or tries on a new way of being. It pulled me further into looking at myself and how I might hold back from doing something just to avoid potential judgement. Some of these things are hard to see because they are so close to us.

As the days progressed I was able to see through my own eyes and the eyes of some of my clients the “why” behind our self-limiting beliefs around beauty, rules, abilities, and possibilities. I believe that if we can see the why behind things, often that is enough to begin to change a pattern.

Where do our limits come from?

There are conscious and unconscious ways that we limit ourselves. If we are fortunate, new experiences can bring our patterns into conscious awareness. Subconscious beliefs are much harder to tap into, but practices like BodyTalk or MindScape can either bring subconscious beliefs to the surface or simply begin to clear them out of the way so we can move forward in our life with more ease and clarity.

So to help me change my own limiting beliefs—both conscious and unconscious—I bought a bikini much smaller than my comfort level. I literally donned a new way of being. It slowly poured healing into what I would call those cracks of insecurities. It was helpful to see so many women around me enjoying the ocean, the sun, their people—all while not hiding their bodies: their figures, their cellulite, their bellies, etc.

I invite you to lean into changing just one thing, perhaps something that another person or culture has inspired you to see in a new way, or perhaps just an old pattern you are tired of.

If you feel stuck with your ability to do that, then a class like MindScape can help you more easily manifest what you want and help clear out the subconscious/invisible belief systems that keep you held back. BodyTalk can help with the mind/body connection that keeps us in a pattern—typically we are conscious of our self-limiting patterns, but still we struggle to change them. Other times it’s a mystery (another word for the subconscious mind at work). Coaching is another way I help people bring some of these changes forward in their lives with support, challenge and encouragement.  Join me and let MindScape, BodyTalk or Coaching support you in making the changes you desire.