From BodyTalk sessions to Mindscape Training and MindBody Wellness Coaching, Tricia Gast offers a holistic path to integrated health and wellness.

Following the diagnosis of my prostate cancer, I was struggling with the emotional impact of this serious medical concern; trying to become physically and mentally prepared for invasive surgery and removal of the prostate; and also needing to think clearly about all the associated issues in order to make appropriate decisions. I was somewhat skeptical about how well the BodyTalk phone sessions would work. I was particularly pleased (but not surprised) that the sessions were very effective. All I had to do was be in an undisturbed place with hands-free phone access and Tricia did the rest. We connected weekly before my prostate surgery and continued to do so for several months afterwards. We covered all facets of the disease (physical, emotional and family) and I found myself approaching each step with focus and relative calm. I am physically ahead of the normal recovery schedule and engaged in all the activities I did beforehand.